Norman… loves a back scratch

Today I discovered that Norman loves a back scratch. He came over and sat on my lap with back to me. I asked if he was ready for scratches-we have been practicing- he didn’t jump off so I gently started to scratch his back and he leaned into it. I stopped and he looked back so asked if he was ready, said scratches and he leaned into me while I scratched his back again. This lasted for about 5mins and then he climbed off and laid down next to me and went to sleep. We really are becoming friends. I also did OSR with him while Edith was in the kitchen. He had grabbed his ball and was stress squeezing it and then came over and looked at me so I acknowledge him and gave him some kibble-he totally did OSR with me never looked at his ball again and fell asleep while I played with Edith. He would never have done that before. He totally responded to it. He still barks when the UPS man comes up the driveway but Im working on it. When that happens I just get down on the ground at his level and wait, I don’t say anything-he does come over to me and I say good boy but he is pretty anxious and wont take the kibble, I just wait and eventually he calms down enough to start taking the kibble from me. I know I should start the OSR before he gets to orange but he is better at hearing things before me. I’ll get better but I do feel like it is working.