Clover… the Huntress!?!

We have been introducing the flirt pole. Are we doing this right? I took a video. I usually let it fling around a bit more so she can jump at it like a kitty. She likes that. But I kept it chill on video. She’s doing great at dropping it when we ask her. She is kind of obsessing about it to the extent that we say all done, clean up, and she still barks and whines at where we put it away. We just ignore her until she focuses on something else. She usually eventually gets her cardboard and calms herself down. The cardboard has been a great tool. We will save some unchewed boxes for after flirt pole practice because the existing scraps she had already chewed on weren’t exciting enough to entice her. New boxes are probably a better bet when she’s that excited. She actually kept returning to the cabinet where the flirt pole was throughout the day and into the evening. Not constantly. Her obsession eased up, but around the kids’ bedtime, we found her staring at the closet again and pawing at it. That’s actually a time when her arousal goes up, so it makes sense. I imagine maybe she was thinking, “Man, that flirt pole would feel great right now” because she had some energy. But she dropped it on her own. As we’ve discussed, I’m glad I have a better attitude now and can see what’s happening for her more clearly. I’m glad she likes it so much! And we just have to develop strategies around when and how we use it because it really gets her excited.

Cleo… and the parking lot

After work yesterday walking from the shop to the car a man walked right past us and she didn’t speed up or move out of the way😭🤗 I kept saying good girl as we walked by!