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Whether your dog is experiencing anxiety, fear-based aggression, frustration, or the challenges of adolescence, we have tens of thousands of hours identifying the real issue and helping to bring relief to dog and guardian alike. We follow the Standards of Practice Code of Ethics set forth by the IAABC, APDT and CCPDT. All work with your companion is done following the guidance of LIMA and the Humane Hierarchy and our teaching utilizes positive reinforcement. We are a fear and intimidation free practice.

Getting started…

After a brief phone or email conversation to see how Inspire can help, we would schedule an:

Initial Assessment & Consultation

Depending on the challenges being faced, we would schedule either a 90 minute or two-hour consultation.

The consult will be a working session.  Meaning there would be a comprehensive assessment done of your dog, management would be recommended, foundational exercises introduced, and goals discussed.  A plan is created based on this information with your individual dog and family in mind.

We would then make a recommendation for going forward, as appropriate, with one of the services below:

Virtual Dog Behavior Counseling

Private Coaching

By working one on one with you and your dog, private coaching sessions are tailored to fit your individual lifestyle and goals. Our time will focus on educating you on how dogs naturally communicate, teaching a working vocabulary to bridge the language difference, and building purpose-driven skills, enabling them to navigate their world with competence. We offer 60 and 90-minute sessions that will take place at your home or on location, depending on where we are in your plan.

Day Training

Day training is a useful option for busy guardians and families, or for dogs that are in need of a professional’s hands-on skills. Day training allows the pro to work one on one with your dog in either 60 or 90 minute sessions, taking the pressure off the guardian. Once the new behavioral choice is a habit for the dog, we would schedule a transfer session with the guardian, handing off the maintenance of the new skill.

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Virtual Coaching

Receiving one on one guidance over Zoom and supported with Slack, we can help coach you and your dog, building new skills and possibilities. Virtual Coaching offers flexibility in scheduling and is a perfect option for out of state clients or solution to those following local Social Distancing guidelines.

We realize how difficult it can be to find a canine behavior specialist or trainer in an unregulated field, and so does the American Veterinary Society of Animal Behavior (AVSAB).  To help you make this incredibly important decision and to provide current scientific-based information on behavior modifications procedures, the AVSAB has put forward the following position statements:

Inspire Canine Behavior Counseling & Training

To provide our clients with the best possible care, Inspire Canine Behavior Counseling & Training is insured and bonded through Business Insurers of the Carolinas. We utilize Tractive GPS technology to give you peace of mind for our day training clients. We are accredited with the BBB (Better Business Bureau) and a San Marcos Chamber of Commerce member. Also, Paula is a proud certified Family Dog Mediator (FDM) and Science Matters Academy of Animal Behavior – Unlocking Resiliency Graduate.

I  reached out to Paula in hopes that she could help my relationship with my 6 year old Jack Russell Terrier, Autzen.

I have had Autzen since he was old enough to leave his mother. I even visited him at the breeder days after he was born. We have done several classes together including AKC trick dog and agility.  He even came to work with me at the CrosaFit gym I managed for 5 years. Needless to say, we were very close.
After moving across the country from North Carolina to California, as well as giving birth to my son (who was approximately 18 months old at the time I reached out to Paula), I noticed a change in Autzen.
My once energetic, happy go lucky companion was listless and lethargic. He often refused to eat and did not seem to enjoy any of the activities we used to enjoy together.  If he wasn’t lethargic, he was extremely fretful and anxious.
He was even beginning to display jealous and resentful behavior towards my toddler. Nothing aggressive (yet) but the warning signs concerned me.
I was at a loss. I felt helpless and desperately wanted to build a relationship with my fur baby again. Enter Paula.
Right away Paula saw Autzen for the dog he could be, not the behaviors he was displaying. She immediately suggested some changes in our environment, as well as different language cues which could be easily implemented.
Immediately after making these changes I noticed a difference in Autzen’s behavior. He seemed calmer, happier, more engaged, and began to eat more regularly.
From there, we started implementing games with Autzen that introduced useful language cues such as “find it” “take it” and “turn.”  Autzen responded very well to these games and I love that Paula showed me how I could get my son and my entire family involved.
Training can feel like two steps forward, one step back at times, and Paula was wonderful about talking me through the process and giving me a plethora of helpful resources.  She was always available if I needed to reach out with questions or concerns.
Today, Autzen is much more like his usual self. He is much happier, friendlier, and less anxious (although he IS a JRT ?).  What I love most is how his relationship with my son has blossomed from the training. My son has become involved in the games we do with Autzen and they both LOVE it.  Autzen seems much more content to accept my son as a member of our pack and is no longer displaying any warning signs or resentment towards him. I am confident they are on their way to becoming life long pals.
I recommend Paula to anyone looking to build a better relationship with their fur baby or fix any problem behaviors. She is knowledgeable, patient, understanding and really puts the animal’s needs first. I would absolutely use her for any of our training needs in the future.
The Colvin FamilyFairfield, California
I have nothing but great things to say about Paula. What we liked about her was the fact that the training was more of understanding our dog. Getting to know what makes her tick and how to keep her happy. She learned the basic commands, but the method was more than teaching “sit”. It was an incorporation of the teaching these commands and building our little girls confidence. Our dog came from an LA shelter with a low self confidence and skittish. Thanks to the time spent with “Ms. Paula” as we like to call her, she has become a great dog. I highly recommend Ms. Paula if you’re looking for a trainer that will make a connection with your pet and yourself.

RubenSan Marcos, California

I got in contact with Inspire Canine to get some help with my young Swedish Vallhund’s separation issues. At the time she was 11/2 and if I needed to leave her at home she either needed to be crated, where she kept howling or crying. Or she would destroy the apartment and work herself into such a frenzy she’d pee and poop everywhere.

Working with Paula has been amazing. She always has a positive attitude and always works from the dog’s perspective. Teaching me about my dog’s triggers and showing me how to handle the situation long before any destructive behavior or anxiety kicks in. Her training hasn’t only been focused on the separation but on the daily behavior and routine of my dog, convinced that it’s all linked together. This has helped me address other small issues that a teenage dog has and have left me with a dream dog. My dog is now 3 and has got, with the help of Inspire Canine, all the tools to deal with whatever stressful situations life throws at her, including being left alone.

KristinCalifornia, Sweden & Virginia

We have a Belgian shepherd, male, one year old. Those dogs have strong personalities. Paula has immediately helped bring up the quality of the dog, and best behaviors, with people and with other dogs. Her knowledge of dog psychology helped us understand why dogs react this or that way, and helped bring and reinforce the desired responses. The training sessions have been productive and quite enjoyable.

PascalEscondido, California
Paula has been working with us for about 5 months now and Ollie is making huge strides, she has been patient with us as we are learning how to provide the best environment for Ollie to be successful. When we began our behavior therapy we would have daily dog fights and human aggression/bites. We were afraid of our dog! He wasn’t happy and we weren’t happy. I knew that we were the only home he could live in as he was a danger to others so rehoming wasn’t an option and any rescue would put him down. We felt like prisoners in our own home. Over time, with lots of patience and a few setbacks, he is becoming a much happier dog and we are no longer afraid of him. When we began he was afraid of every little sound or movement so walks were torture for him, now he LOVES his walks and prances when we are on his outings. He used to bite when we tried to leash him, now he gets excited and runs to the door to go. He had NO verbal cues and I honestly didn’t think he had the ability to learn. Now, he knows and consistently responds to several commands. He now asks for affection and we know his polite social cues to let us know he’s done. I think the biggest key to getting your pet to become the pet you want them to be is both patience and commitment. Paula has been so committed to our success and so very patient when we falter. Change doesn’t happen over night and we know that but I know its happening. My daughter came home from college after being gone for 2 1/2 months and she said that she has seen a significant amount of change in him. That meant the world to me! Paula knows what she is doing and offers not just training to your dog, but continued education. She is constantly pursing knowledge and passes that along to her clients. If you have a troubled pup that needs help or if you have a puppy that you want to start off right please call her!
AngelaPoway, California