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Ava… and the Christmas Miracle

Merry Christmas and again, thank you for all you do. We appreciate you so much!  And by the way, this is huge, my brother surprised us again and came in yesterday when I got home from the sniff spot. This morning Ava was manic with her toy and I did OSR and she just laid […]

Norman… and the Pyrenees

Hi Paula! Wanted to share with you another wonderful thing my boy was able to do this morning! I was out with him for a walk and an old Pyrenees mountain dog and owner were standing on the other side of the street and Norman did not even look at the dog and we did […]

Norman… and independence?!

Good morning Paula, I wanted to let you know that Norman is my boy and I am so, so proud of him. Saturday he took himself off to have a snooze in our bedroom (which he never does-he normally follows me around) and then when he woke up he came running in the living room […]

Norman… and the neighbors

I also wanted to report that Norman had a wonderful complement yesterday……. I went down to the neighbors with him (they have known him since a pup) and they couldn’t believe how calm he was!! Of course I was beaming from ear to ear! I’m so proud of him!!❤️😊

Clover… and “Grandma’s” Visit

As an update, Clover has been home with us. My mom is a great guinea pig since she’s pretty calm and unfazed by Clover and doesn’t try to get in her space. And she knows we are practicing with guests so she’s been willing to help. I’m pretty sure Clover remembered that last interaction with […]

Norman… loves a back scratch

Today I discovered that Norman loves a back scratch. He came over and sat on my lap with back to me. I asked if he was ready for scratches-we have been practicing- he didn’t jump off so I gently started to scratch his back and he leaned into it. I stopped and he looked back […]


Norman…   I would consider myself an animal person especially a dog person after having a childhood filled with animals including my best friend Ben, a Boxer to my adult years where I was a Veterinary Technician and was old enough to have my own dogs. I chose to share my life with Border Terriers […]

Clover… the Huntress!?!

We have been introducing the flirt pole. Are we doing this right? I took a video. I usually let it fling around a bit more so she can jump at it like a kitty. She likes that. But I kept it chill on video. She’s doing great at dropping it when we ask her. She […]

Cleo… and the Complex

I have to share this with u. We were walking around the complex and a lady was walking toward us to go upstairs to her apartment and cleo looked and it was the quickest she went back to sniffing the grass. Maybe took 3 or 4 seconds. Even while the lady continued walking toward her […]