• There are only two ways to influence behavior: You can manipulate it, or you can Inspire it…
    ~ Simon Sinek

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Located in beautiful San Diego, California
Inspire Canine Behavior Counseling & Training is
a fear and intimidation free practice, where all “breeds” are welcome.

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About Us

At Inspire Canine Behavior Counseling & Training, we believe that the most valuable relationships are built on mutual trust and respect.

We focus on education, two-way communication, and creating opportunities to develop self-regulation, and self-esteem through choice.  Our goal is to use our expertise to help your dog reach its full potential.

  • Each dog is an individual and has their own unique personality and strengths.  By treating them as such, their confidence grows.  At Inspire Canine, your dog will be encouraged to  Think… Innovate… Be Yourself…

  • Our extensive knowledge and experience in canine culture and communication allows us to help with dog/dog relationships, including introductions and plays skills.

  • Specializing in BAT (Behavior Adjustment Training) for fear and frustration based aggression and CED (Canine Emotional Detox) for dogs experiencing C-PTSD or generalized anxiety.

  • At Inspire Canine, we have a special affinity for shelter and rescue adoptees and offer a package with them in mind.  Let us help you give them the new beginning they deserve.

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When we adopted a dog, we naively thought that getting a puppy would allow us to mold her into the dog we wanted, if we just did training and socialization from the start. We had the best of intentions and tried to do everything right from day one. Turns out, the puppy we adopted had a very sensitive and shy temperament that she did not outgrow naturally, as everyone told us she would. Our dog was fearful and reactive toward anything unfamiliar (other pets, people, and even inanimate objects that were a surprise). After a year of working with two different highly recommended trainers, neither of which helped us work through what was showing up (with one trainer making it way worse before we cut ties), we searched out a trainer with a focus on fear and anxiety in dogs and found Paula.

Paula’s approach is different than the traditional obedience model and that took some adjusting to. It’s a process that requires immense patience by all parties (Paula, the pet parent, and the dog) as you learn to implement two-way communication with your dog, much of which is non-verbal and very subtle. It’s hard and frustrating at first and might feel slow, in part because you go at the pace of the dog and also because, at least in our case, we had a lot of rehab to do from the prior training methods we had used that created stress. If you are used to a black and white “if this, do that” training model and the immediacy of obedience training, this is an adjustment. But seeing the harm caused by that model with our own dog has helped me understand the value of trying another path.

It really helped me when I realized Paula was teaching us the same methods used by professional trainers who specialize in animal behavior (e.g. the training they do w animals at the zoo to get them used to voluntarily receiving care). Our buy-in to the process jumped up and things began to click. Paula is super open to feedback and just wants to ensure everyone is learning in an optimal way. I have appreciated Paula’s patience, even when we were super frustrated early on, and her passion to support both the dog and the family. She considers the practical needs of the humans alongside what is best for the dog and works to establish good foundational care for everyone.

We are in a place now where we are seeing real changes in our dog and increasing our trust in each other. I can now see cues from my dog that I completely missed in the past and have a better idea of how to respond to help my shy pup calm herself down in moments of stress. We aren’t all the way there yet but we have faith that we will get there with consistency and practice.

I feel grateful we discovered this training method and will use it with future dogs (even if they are not shy and fearful).  Paula is a great resource and her passion for dogs is really off the charts.

SuzanneSan Diego, Californiahttps://www.inspirecanine.com/blog-2/
As a very busy veterinarian with a new concierge vet hospital that is just starting to take form, I found myself overwhelmed when my 2 Golden Retriever pups started becoming TOO unruly.
I’m a good vet, but I don’t claim to be a dog or cat trainer. I have raised many, many polite and well behaved animals myself. However, I was out of my league with these pups.  A family of 2 humans, 6 dogs plus all the other species at my house AND the new business!! I needed help and I needed it on my terms (flexible hours and AT my ranch).  Paula was a serious lifesaver. She responded quickly and professionally. Upon meeting her I was blown away by her skill set and knowledge. It was such a relief!! She is the real deal.  In fact, I am now recommending her to my own clients. I feel confidence in her because I have personally seen her approach and know that she can adjust according to the dogs needs.
Bravo, Paula!!!  Keeping Inspiring people and pets!!
Dr. Crystal Van Lom, DVMVeterinarianTHE RANCH concierge vet care
Paula from Inspire Canine Behavior Counseling & Training is wonderful.  She presented a workshop for myself and my pet sitters.  It was very informative and she is so full of knowledge.  The workshop was very informal, therefore we were able to ask questions when they arose.  I would highly recommend her workshops for any business dealing with animals and different behaviors.  I can’t wait to hire her again for another workshop!

MelissaOwnerJust Four Paws, Inc.

Paula was absolutely amazing! She did a dog behavioral class for a senior living community and they asked for her to keep coming back because it was so beneficial. I appreciated her responsiveness, honesty with my questions, and how personable she is. Definitely one of my best hires yet!

Candice KolkkaEvent Planner

Paula has been excellent to work with from the start. We have a rescue that joined our family in 2012 and have done a good amount of training throughout our time together, but he has always struggled with separation anxiety. Recently we moved twice in the span of a year and the poor guy had multiple major heath problems, which significantly increased his anxiety. Paula has helped us develop a relationship none of that other training ever did, one built on mutual buy in from both parties. This work creates resilience in him and us. We are finally speaking the same language, and seeing real results! A big part of dog training is people training, and Paula uses behavioral science to construct a partnership with you and your pet. She’s also very responsive, wonderful to work with, and does a great job explaining the science of animal behavior. I highly recommend Paula and Inspire Canine!

Colleen Stoyas, PhDCarlsbad, California

Paula is the best of the best! My husband and I had been through puppy training for our first dog a couple years ago, but Paula’s class was above and beyond what we had experienced in the past. The difference with Paula is that she not only understands dogs well, but also people. Her skills enable you to communicate with your dog so that you have a mutual understanding, and empower you to build a strong and trusting bond with your dog from the start. Her real life examples were so helpful, and our dog learned quickly, as did we!  She is able to make a comfortable environment for both you and your dog, and makes training fun and relaxed. She is also extremely knowledgeable in her field, and has so many ideas no matter what your question may be. I loved after each class that she would send us a recap of what we worked on, and what to practice. We highly recommend her if you are looking for someone to help. She has so much passion for what she does, and is a true pleasure to work with.  Thank you, Paula!

Megan & Rex - AKC STAR Puppy StudentsLa Jolla, California