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Perfect for new puppy parents or first time dog guardians.

Fig & Tyler

Fig & Tyler offers pet treats made from 100% meat and fish. Sourced from the USA, all of their meat is USDA-inspected. Get 10% off your first order with code: PP0392

Earth Heart Aromatherapy Remedies for Dogs

Gently-aromatic remedies designed to comfort dogs without overwhelming their sensibilities. Calm stress. Settle travel upsets. Repel insects. Support wellness. Made in the USA with 100% plant-derived ingredients.


Toys for your dog’s brain!
A selection of tuffy toys, leads, collars and chews. A veteran owned company, proudly made in Norfolk, Virginia. Use code: InspireCanine to receive 10% off your purchase.


The Pupsicle!
An Inspire Canine R&D and client(s) fave!!!
Best toy known to man, we mean dog!
Long-lasting quiet in a beautifully designed dog toy.



Petcube cameras allow you to monitor, talk to, play, and treat pets when you’re away. To receive 5% off your purchase, use coupon code INSPIRE5 at checkout.


Your pet’s online source for food, toys, chews, and home grooming needs. Offering Auto-Ship and Free 1-2 day delivery with minimum orders.

Puppy Culture

The Puppy Culture program for “puppies” of all ages by Jane Killion. Workbooks, DVDs, and booklets, including Puppy Fitness That Fits The Puppy exercise booklet.


The ultimate source for books, DVDS, ebooks and CDs on dogs and behavior.


Sniffspot is the largest community of safe, private spaces for dogs to play. Their mission: To make the world a more dog friendly place.
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We’ve had such a great experience with Paula at Inspire Canine Behavior Counseling. We had two dogs and were adopting a third. The new dog had been mistreated and needing major help integrating into our family dynamic with two kids and two dogs. Paula was with us every step of the way, teaching us to understand our new dog and how to read all of the dogs’ body language…this was huge in helping us to see if the dogs were tense versus relaxed around each other so we could step in and diffuse a tense situation before an altercation could happen. Thanks to all of Paula’s help in teaching us how to manage all three dogs and two kids together, we are one big happy family now! Highly recommend Inspire Canine Behavior Counseling!
CassidySan Clemente, California
Paula worked with my service animal to train some of her skills that I had been neglecting and work on an aggressive behavior that had just started. She also worked with Bree and my two grandsons (10 & 12) so they would understand how to help me with her as we spent 30 days traveling across the country. Her calm and loving approach was well received by both animal and children. With her training, we were able to have a safe and wonderful trip, without any issues. A year later, just hearing Paula’s voice, had Bree break out in her happy dance. I recommend her highly.

CarolSan Marcos, California

Truly an amazing experience with Paula and Inspire. After just our first session I learned so much about helping my dog and understanding him. I thought our puppy had separation issues, but Paula identified a larger issue – our puppy’s belief that my youngest son was another puppy he could play with. She helped us institute some management and techniques to help our puppy and time him out mentally. Worth every penny and so thankful I found her!

MereSan Diego, California