Belle… and the “good life”

I’d been pulling weeds in the yard and was hot and sweaty and just wanted to sit in the shade and enjoy the breeze with my dogs. I have a perfect spot – second story covered deck with a nice view and cool ocean breezes.

Belle did great. She was uninterested in birds, and other dogs barking. She sat with me and when a couple people walked out to get into a car below the deck, she watched but didn’t bark or growl or move. We’ve been out here for over an hour and now she’s sleeping!

Belle… and the roofer

The latest home repair project involves a crew of roofers.  It’s very loud work, tearing off the old coverings, banging nails and sawing wood.  I’ve been timing the potty breaks to before the crew arrives, during their lunch break and after they leave for the day.  However, one lunchtime potty break, Belle and I were walking to the back yard and six feet directly above Belle one of the workers began speaking in a very loud deep voice.  This startled Belle, but she didn’t bark, lunge, or drag me into the bushes.  Instead, she stopped and tried to see where the voice was coming from.  I said ‘let’s go’ and together we walked away from the workers and, after the potty break we walked back into the house without incident.

Clover… and the gaggle of girls

We had a gaggle of girls over for a sleepover on Sunday night. We mostly had Clover at daycare while the kids were over and then had her back in our bedroom when she was home. However we took the opportunity to do some people practice (all just OSR from the couch). This pic is from when only one extra girl was with us. She noticed another person was there and then laid down within about 5 min. The second time we brought Clover out was when we had 3 extra girls having breakfast. Clover came out and we did OSR before she went on her morning walk. The 5 girls total were very loud and squealy and she did great. Patiently waited to be taken on her walk.