Cleo… and the Complex

I have to share this with u. We were walking around the complex and a lady was walking toward us to go upstairs to her apartment and cleo looked and it was the quickest she went back to sniffing the grass. Maybe took 3 or 4 seconds. Even while the lady continued walking toward her she didn’t look back up! I wanted to cry🥲

Clover… and a Playmate!

Watching Clover on camera at daycare and she’s clearly playing with a dog friend! This is the first time I’ve really seen this. They are both laying down and kind of mouthing each other. I can tell neither is annoyed and they’re kind of taking turns. She periodically gets up and then kind of goes into nip at the other dog’s head and then flops down and they roll around. It seems very relaxed and playful. Yay! She usually never lays down. We always see her pacing and following a human.  I had to summon my husband to watch because he didn’t believe me. We both went “awwwwww!” cuz she was clearly seeking out that one dog and they were having fun. Very hopeful!



My pittie Cleo has been fearful of strangers since I adopted her almost a year ago. She’s almost 2 and I noticed when I would take her for walks she would bark at anyone that would look or talk to her or walk near us. We started working with Paula a few months ago and I already notice a difference in Cleo’s confidence when we go outside. I can’t walk her where there’s a lot of people yet, but we eventually started walking around my apartment complex and now if she sees someone she looks at them but goes back to sniffing the ground and doing her own thing and hardly barks the way she used to. There’s still a lot of work to do but I’ve seen huge improvements that make it worth it! It takes time because Paula doesn’t just teach commands she gets to the root of the behavior and builds up from there. And once it starts to click and you notice progress it feels amazing! Just have to be patient and trust the process.