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Be careful how you educate yourself. It will affect how you see the world. – Dr. John Lilly

Whether you’re a pet sitter, daycare owner, apartment property manager, rescue organization or youth group organizer, Inspire Canine Behavior Counseling & Training has a workshop for you. Our series include a diverse range of topics suitable for everyone from pet guardians to pros.

Inspire Workshop Series

Dog Training

House Training

Preventing Boredom

Loose Leash Walking

Bite Safety For Kids

Canine Culture

Teaching a Recall

Specialty topics are available on request.
Please contact us for more details, or to book your workshop.

Inspire Professional Workshop Series

Power of First Impressions

10,000 Sniffs

The Game Changer Dog

Beyond the Basics

Affection vs. Appeasements

Social Expectations & Anxiety

Specialty topics are available on request.
Please contact us for more details, or to book your workshop.

Inspire Canine Behavior Counseling & Training is proud to offer two specialty packages:

Inspire… The Future

Our puppy package is perfect for first-time dog guardians or for those looking to add a new family member!
  • We will coach you on how to create an eager student who loves to learn and is excited to engage.
  • All common puppy challenges will be covered, including teething, house training, and puppy-proofing.
  • By providing you with an Operation Socialization Passport, we will work with you and your puppy to create a positive outlook on the world and their place in it.
Package includes:
2 hour Initial Assessment & Consultation
4 – One-hour private coaching session(s)
1 – Thirty-minute phone follow up
Puppy Welcome Home Kit includes booklets, Puppy Fitness and He’s Only Playing, and more puppy necessities.
The package price is $875.00 and is designed for puppies 12 weeks and under.  Gift certificates are available.
Please contact us for more details.

Inspire… Hope

Let us help you find your new family member and give a shelter or rescue dog a new beginning!
  • We will meet with your family to help find the right match for your lifestyle.
  • Our experience with adoptees will help you prepare for your new companion and make their transition into their new life go smoothly.
  • Relationships take time.  Let us help you establish a long-lasting bond based on trust and mutual understanding.

Package includes:
2 hour Initial Assessment & Consultation
4 – One-hour private coaching session(s)
1 – Thirty-minute phone follow up
Welcome Home Kit
The package price is discounted to $825.00 and is designed for families looking to adopt a new canine companion from either a shelter or rescue organization or within 1 week of adoption.
Please contact us for more details.

Learning through Paula is a completely eye-opening and life changing experience if you are choosing to interact or live with dogs. Her methods of behavioral training fundamentally “makes sense” and teach you how to be a lifelong canine guardian. As a dog lover and dog person, I never thought I would need help with dog training. However, when we adopted a traumatized rescue, we were warned by our vet that the dog may never be “normal” and her fear would likely turn to aggression as she matured. I didn’t understand what this fully meant, but I was scared for the safety of our family. I called countless trainers and fell victim to gimmicks and consultations scaring me that our dog was “untrainable”. After discussing with our vet, I learned we didn’t need basic dog training, we needed behavioral training. Our goal was not to train our dog to roll over and give high-fives, but to be happy, healthy, calm and safe in our home (with good manners, of course). I stumbled upon Paula based off her stellar reviews, and upon first conversation I felt a wave of relief. For the first time, someone understood the urgency and impact I needed. Paula was quick to act to support us, because she knew that our dog’s clock was ticking to nip behaviors from escalating. After not sleeping for a few weeks from worry, I was finally able to rest after our initial consultation.We did the Rescue Package with Paula, and I have to say – this is not like dog training on TV. The method is slow, methodical, and requires dedication. But it does sure pay off. We are seeing an entirely different dog after one month, and we have become entirely different dog people. Our dog that used to cower in a corner and was scared of men, now comes up to us with her tail wagging, lays next to us, and wants to play, even with the males in our house! The nuances in Paula’s method are extraordinary. Simple human behaviors that can make a canine react negatively are not common sense to us, even to experienced dog people! Paula understands all of this and is a gifted teacher. She is able to cut through human psychology to truly advocate for the canine species, and this leads to a wonderful balance of both species living happily together. We are excited to continue working with Paula. Our goal is to create a confident and happy dog home, so our rescue pup can thrive. We have more work to rehab our dog, but I am optimistic Paula’s method is going to get us to our goals.

NatashaSan Diego, California
Paula is an amazing dog trainer! She has provided me with so much new and relevant information that has been crucial in helping me with my foster dog. Thanks to her tips and her information on dog behavior, I have had great success with my dog’s crate training and her behavior towards guests at the door. I highly recommend Paula to anyone who is in need to of help. She is more than a “teach them to sit” type of trainer — she understands dog behavior and carefully explains how humans can work with dogs to give them skills to succeed.
DebraCarlsbad, California
My husband and I adopted a 1 year old pit mix from the shelter to be my emotional support animal a few months ago. However, we live in apartments which seemed to be too much stimulation for her and was causing her to seem “aggressive”, which almost led to a bad situation with a friends dog. However, we knew it was all just fear, so we reached out to Inspire. After about 6 sessions with Paula working with our baby girl, she is SO much more comfortable inside and outside, and that has transformed her. What she has done for us, but more importantly Juliet, is so greatly appreciated and I wouldn’t recommend anyone else! The best part is that she loves what she does and there has been no judgement whatsoever!

BrookeOceanside, California

Paula is THE dog whisperer! We lucked upon her and are so grateful. We got a new 50 lb 5 month puppy and had no clue what to do. She helped us crate train, integrate with our two existing cats, our two young boys and our new home. He has never had an accident indoors, he doesn’t chew on things he shouldn’t, he does “tricks” but most of all we have a loving and comfortable relationship with our new family member. Paula is patient, kind, empowering and individualized. I didn’t feel like a one size fits all and she provided so much more than we asked for! We wish she lived with us 🙂

MikalaEscondido, California

The best money I’ve ever spent I wish I could continue it forever…. Paula has a real knack with animals, especially dogs and she explains the behavior so it makes sense to the human … she also happens to be a lovely person highly recommend her for your training issues??

KathyVista, California