Clover… and the guests

Had a good re-intro w my sis and niece today. She hasn’t seen them in a very long while so I wasn’t sure how it would go. I kept her on leash and we did orbit/settle/relax on couch away from everyone which was good. I could see her energy shift during that period. When she was calm I let her go say hi and had only intended to get close while I talked and then walk away but she was friendly toward them so I had them both give her 5 treats when she looked at them and she did great. A little jumpy and licky and she pulled back when my niece tried to pet her but she settled. No growls. After that interaction I just put her in her crate in the bedroom since the kids were going to run around a bit. Figured she wasn’t ready to be off leash yet and stay in the right frame of mind so I just gave her space to relax. Went well!